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FRIDAY 13th - 20th MAY

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Join us for a seven day snowkiting adventure how to make money through website holiday in Iceland, Iceland offers an unparalleled combination of snow, wind and 24 hour daylight during the summer months. Imagine all the untracked powder you could wish for and only your friends to share it with on a remote glacier in the Icelandic highlands. Spend a morning snowkiting to the summit at 1350m and then freeride back to basecamp.

If you're after adventure, do something different for your next holiday!.


Our trips are open to individual as well as group bookings. For larger groups we can also arrange bespoke trips upon request. Accommodation is in luxury timber cabins with geo-thermally heated hot-tubs.


Wind | snow | immense landscapes | jacked up 4x4 super jeeps | hot springs | lava caves | crazy parties in downtown Reykjavik | barbeques | beer | hot-tubs | all inclusive catering | full time guides | an experience never to forget


Lay out your kite and lines on the ground websites make money parallel to the wind with some snow piled on the trailing edge, clip into your board or skis and attach the chicken loop to your harness – you ' re ready to snowkite . Now give the lines a gentle tug and fill the foil with air, the kite will begin to rise as you steer it across the edge of the wind to the meridian position above your head. Bring the kite round in a large ‘ S ' , just as in kitesurfing , and point it where you want to go – the kite will pull you to your feet and suddenly your gliding across the snow using nothing but the forces of nature.

Use the edge of the board or skis to take a hard edge in the snow and point yourself upwind, you will find you can take an angle of about 30 degrees. Use this technique to tack and you will be able to travel anywhere.

Take a spare kite on your back in case the wind changes, and with a GPS, compass and shortwave radio in your pocket you are ready to travel anywhere the feeling takes you. Why not take the 15km journey to the summit and stop there for lunch before freeriding back down with your kites in the backpack? Alternatively you can just practice getting airborne, or go for a high speed run and compare maximum speeds recorded on the GPS; speeds in excess of 67kph are regularly recorded, and it is not unusual to clock up 100km distance during a good day.

Spend your evenings back at the cabin, in the hot tub, drinking beers, eating, sleeping, make money on a website preparing kit for the following day and watching snowkiting videos

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