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25 May 2007


Check out Kierons write up on our trip on his personal kiting website and blog here:

Kieron also has some great HD video work and semi-pro photography that is well worth checking out...

Team Sysygy
Superb time had by us all in May 2007, see you next year. Highly recommended holiday, its ace! .
Leicester, England

22 May 2007
Eric and Wendy
We spent a week snowkiting during May 2007 and had such great fun. Nice people, excellent places to stay and a wonderful glacier to snowkite on.I think I may have broken Rob/Einar's speed record, but unfortunately forgot to reset my GPS maximum speed (it still showed the maximum speed of the Icelandair airplane we flew with to Island...). For sure I will take revanche next time...we will be back !We had more then two windless days, but we didn't get bored; we built a big igloo, did some snowboarding on a nearby hilly slope and made an artifical drag lift by having our 4WD jeep pulling us with a rope over the glacier.At one day the wind picked up again (it was already 21:00 hrs) and Einar and myself went for an excellent ride up the glacier in search of the recently built igloo. Although visibility was poor (max. 50-100 mtrs), we were able to find the igloo on sight. Of coarse I had a GPS with me so we always could navigate back without getting lost.When we got back to the lodge it was close to midnight, it was still not dark outside and after a dip in the hot tub, a wonderful day ended !Snowkiting is fun and thanks to the efforts of Rob and Einar (and of coarse all others), this was a week I will never forget.One word : Excellent.Greeting from the Lowlands.Eric and Wendy
The Netherlands

S Stewart
SnowKiting On Top of Glacier
What a fantastic experience. We travelled 1/2 way by truck, then rode snowmobiles to the top. We viewed 360 degrees of scenery while we waited for the wind, which came in modest amounts perfect for a beginner. For 2 hours the 3 of us were the only ones on the glacier. Overall very satisfying and highly recommended21 .
Boston, MA

30 August 2006
Jim Gaunt
Kiteworld Magazine
If you're in anyway into kiting and you ever get the chance to go to Iceland for a snowkite experience with the Snowkiter guys you owe it to yourself to do it. Kiting down out of the clouds into one of the most breathtaking sceneries with only your friends to share it with you is unforgetable. The fact that the only tracks on the side of the mountain are yours is a special bonus. I'm not sure i'll go anywhere like Iceland again. Full story in issue 23 of Kiteworld out September '06 Thanks Einar! .

24 July 2006
John Morton
Kite surfing has become easier having learned so much on the snow. Knowing how the kite is going to handle in so many situations helps when you start to float and lose contact with the sand. Means you can orientate better without having to look at the kite and get up and going more consistently. I wanted to do the snow kite in its own right (and think Iceland is an amazing country to do it in - just a fantastic outdoors environment!!). The spin off to kite skills that I can take on to the water is a bonus thanks to you and Einar. .

03 July 2006
Great trip thanks to everyone , The glacier was excellent, can't believe i've not done this before, Einar, Rob thanks hope to see you next year. .

28 June 2006
Christian Tucker
Great time; Great Snowkiting; Great people. Thanks again Einar and Rob .

20 June 2006
Adam Carter
Had an amazing experience with Einar and Rob- the glacier was stunning, with best day snow kiting ever? (possibly) .

24 October 2005
David Sims
Awesome place, full report in kitesurf magazine in the UK, published Oct. We stayed for 5 days and were made most welcome, great snow, ice and Honey. .

21 October 2005
Aaron Sales
US Snowkite
Iceland looks like it has amazing terrain. Maybe I can arrange for the Slingshot Team to come out and give it a try. Keep me posted on when the conditions are best. .
Hood River, Oregon

21 October 2005
Jeff Snoxell
Kite Fantastic
Cheers for the April 2005 trip guys! See Power Kite Magazine Issue #15 for a full report with some wicked photos. Hope to see you in 2006 for another awesome snowkite adventure!!!! .

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